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A selection of some of the foil prints that we've done.

Foil Colors

Chances are we've got it . . .

Foil is tough to photograph! We did our best in order to present our foil color list for you to see in close-up detail. These are our most common colors. There are other colors available, but some of the less common ones are special-order-only, so let us know what you are interested in and we'll let you know if it is available. You can view or download a guide with ALL of our foil colors here.

What is it?

It's kinda a big deal . . .

Foil printing is the way to give your t-shirt designs that added sparkle that make them stand out. It works great as a design accent as well as a bold iconic statement. Your designs will POP.

Foil printing is a premium method so you NEED it done correctly. Our process achieves professional results and your foil prints will look superior to many of the top name brands on the market.

Don't settle for inferior.

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How is Foil Printing Done?

How foil printing is done: Foil screen printing is a two part process that involves first printing a layer of adhesive on the garment. Once we've cured that adhesive ink through our conveyor dryer it is ready for step 2. Next, we heat press a sheet of foil onto the adhesive. Foil sticks to the adhesive only, leaving a shiny metallic sheen to the design that cannot be achieved with standard screen printed inks.


Washing a Foil Print

Washing a foil print requires more care than a standard screen print.. Here are our recommendations.


Printing Foil with Other Inks

We can print foil side by side with other print colors but the other inks must be waterbased. Foil will stick to plastisol or other heavy-solids ink.


Foil Longevity

Foil is the least permanent decoration process that we use. It tarnishes after washing and may start to flake off slightly after numerous washes. We…


Foil Printing.