Water Based and Discharge Printing

Our clients prefer waterbased inks because they are soft and breathable. Using the discharge print method we are able to print your designs on apparel with inks that bleach out the existing dye and replace it with your chosen colors. Water based discharge printing results in crisp detailed reproductions of your art without the heavy hand of traditional plastisol printing.

These inks typically work best on 100% cotton fabric, although a surprising number of 50/50 fabric blends are now showing bright print results as well. There are some fabric dyes that resist the discharge process (kelly green, royal blue, purple) and other cotton garments that print up stunningly well. We want to work closely with you to pick the best combination of garments and inks to get the results you want.

water based printed t-shirt

Super Soft.

super soft print

Prints are hella soft, basically re-dyeing the fabric.

Bright Prints.

bright print on dark garment

Crispy bright prints with a soft hand on darks garments.

Clean Fades.

clean gradient print

You will get smooth fades and gradients on darks with our pigmented discharge halftone blends.


looks great with a blazer

Uhhh, actually that one is just an inside joke. . . .

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