Frequently Asked Questions

Order Details

What is your turnaround time?
Typically this is 10 days for the services that we do in house. If we are extremely busy then this may be longer and we will let you know. During crisis times, turnarounds may be unpredictable.
The garment I want is out of stock – how does that affect me?
It is unfortunate, but sometimes our vendors will run out of particular styles or colors. If this happens we can offer a variety of possible substitute products from other vendors, or you can choose to wait until the items are back in stock.
How do I get the cost down?
The most common options are: increase quantity, print in fewer locations and/or with fewer colors, choose more economical garments.
How do I get my artwork to you?
You can upload any number of files through our quote form, send smaller files through email, or using a file upload service like Dropbox.
Are there disocunts on reorders?
We do not charge for processing art files so we simply charge prices based on total quantity for each individual order. If the reorder is frequent we are happy to discuss custom pricing.
When does your turn time begin?
Turn time starts once we receive approval of the quote and payment. We will order garments immediately and get started on artwork at this point.
Do you ship internationally?
We typically only engage in domestic shipping. With sufficient notice, we may be able to arrange something. Feel free to inquire.
Can I mix the shirt types in my order (t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, totes)?
Yes, feel free to print multiple styles. Keep in mind that some products require different setups in order to print the same design. For example, we need to print totes with a different screen than used on shirts. On these occasions we'll consider those variations as separate designs.

Printing Questions

Will the printing fade on my shirts after a few washings?
Probably not. Waterbase prints re-dye the fabric permanently on 100% cotton shirts. If the cotton is ring-spun, there is a chance that some fibers loosen up and create a barely perceptable "fuzz" on the surface of the fabric that can make the print look slightly muted after sucessive washings. Additionally, the synthetic fibers in blended fabric may loose some pigmentation over time. Plastisol prints should remain bright for the life of the garment.
Are your inks environmentally friendly?
We print with both plastisol and waterbased inks. Both chemistries are harmless when handled properly by filtration of waste water, curing waste ink and by using VOC-free chemicals for cleaning. We follow these practices in order to have a negligible environmental impact.
How many colors can you print?
This depends on the product, print technology and the artwork. In a vacuum, we could print 14 colors but substrate difference often brings this down to 10 colors or less.
Do you offer digital garment printing (DTG)?
We do not offer digital or direct to garment printing. We are not completely satisfied that the technology will meet our production needs just yet, but it may in time.