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Ready to get started on a project or just browsing? Hit us up regardless and we're happy to work up an estimate and help figure out the best options and methods to get it done. Of course, if you know exactly what you want and just want to send us a spreadsheet and mockups, then feel free to email us directly.

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Already on top of it? Got artwork? Know what garments you want? Maybe a spreadsheet breakdown?

Send us the details and we'll make things happen.

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On the run? On your phone? Want us to read your mind? Wanna just meet someone cool at the t-shirt company?

Fill out a quick form and lets start the dialogue.


Pics Of Our Work

We encourage you to browse our prints. Lots more to be found on facebook, instagram, flickr, tumblr, etc.

Real Talk: We don't photoshop our pics to make them look special online, these are all samples that we've printed. If you like what you see, chances are we can do justice to your project as well.


"Gold Diggers" by Currency Clothing "Tiki" by Kauai Crossfit sharp-designs-orca Seibei supachute-kaiju crossfit-oahu-tribal-pink-darts-in-foil fangamer-bitboy-closeup-navy Wicker detail closeup "Where in the World is Away?" for Michael Franti "Kountry Outpost" by Fangamer "Devo Bot" Shark Surfer. diy-skills code-monkey-folded diy-yeti Hula Girl print for CF Oahu

Screen Printing Classes

Want to learn the basics of screen printing? Join us at our shop in Oakland, CA for 2 days filled with info and hands on application.

We will go over a number of areas including:

  • — the basic concepts and best practices for screen printing
  • — coating, drying and exposing a screen
  • — available products and supplies
  • — art software overview
  • — basic color separation
  • — use of clip art
  • — printing films
  • — cmyk printing and separation
  • — simulated process printing and separation
  • — special effects
  • — and a LOT more . . .

Our classes run once a month and take place on a friday and saturday. If you need help with accommodations or travel just let us know.

The class is powered by Ryonet curriculum but we put our own spin on it. When you sign up, please enter the promo code "FORWARD" so we can track who came to the class via this website. All class signups and current pricing can be found by following this link:

Bay Area Screen Print Class Signup

Come learn from the pros!

screen printing classes

2015 Schedule

  • January — 23 - 24
  • February— 20 - 21
  • March— 20 - 21
  • April —17 - 18
  • May — 15 - 16

Get fed!

Yes, we'll feed you lunch on both days and we typically have a happy hour at the end of the Friday session.

Get grubby!

We'll be dealing with inks and other stuff that is messy. Be sure to wear cloths that you don't mind getting dirty.

Share the love.

We truly love printing and talking shop. Although this is a beginner class, there is still plenty of time to discuss advanced concepts for those that already have experience.

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